Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I passed my Bar Exam! I am so excited and relieved.

It's kind of a bittersweet accomplishment by this point. I really wish I could've shared this news with Pablo, and gotten his reaction. I know he would've been proud and happy for me, but I still wish I could've seen it.

In other things, Baby Girl has learned the word "Daddy". However, I don't think she understand exactly what it is. Last week, her cousin was over, and they were playing together with dolls, and her cousin kept saying "My daddy this" and "My daddy that", and Baby Girl took the word and ran with it. When we went to our weekly Gymboree music class, she called the gentleman sitting next to us "daddy". Sigh. As a matter of fact, she's playing one room over from where I am right now, and I hear her saying "Daddy, where are you?" Keep in mind, she doesn't equate "Daddy" with her father, who we all call "Papi" (the Spanish word for Dad/Daddy). But it still breaks my heart to hear her say that.